Why This Blog Has Been Quiet

I’ve converted to Islam? No, not quite.

I have been in a lay ministry course given by the diocese and that, along with a few other things, has demanded the free time that I used to have. By now most of the 2 year/3 year lectionary has been posted to this blog. It’s not all posted, but most of it has been. Unfortunately it’s not the best format for finding everything.Because most of that work has been done I have started another project, which is trying to put older theological works into kindle, and other ebook formats. I have started with Joseph Pohle’s book “God: His Knowability, Essence and Attributes”. The material is available for free on Google, but the text conversions that they have are terrible so I have been working on this in my free time (over the last few months). It’s not according to schedule, and if someone beats me to it then so be it, but that’s the project at the moment. I can’t really stick with the schedule I had for this blog and can’t keep a daily schedule like before.

If you’re interested you can check this file. It still needs a lot of work and I am trying to faithfully reproduce the Greek, Hebrew and Latin. There are probably mistakes, but those can be ironed out with time. If you see any mistake please say so.

Pohle knowability

I have since learned how to enter the Greek and Hebrew text efficiently and have become more comfortable doing so. This has been a great aid. I’m also not using Google’s conversion. It was too bad to work with. I have OCR software that has been working more accurately in English and Latin, and it does so so on the Greek and Hebrew. It’s very poor at adding the vowel points and such in Hebrew, but it’s still useful. There have been two people (one of whom has been extremely patient and giving of his time) who have greatly helped in this effort. I haven’t asked if I can mention them, but without their help the Greek and Hebrew would have been a disaster. They know who they are.
Thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far. God bless you all and have a wonderful Lent.